We continuously seek out new technologies and practices to integrate into our design and production pipelines. This ensures we stay ahead in our changing market and provide not only exemplary service but also pave the way for new and innovative solutions.

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Meritus Hotel Lobby & Restaurant
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We are tirelessly committed to making sure any new project we take on becomes our best yet. As new technologies arrive and more efficient ways of working develop, our proven track record for delivery is testament to our resolve, as is our client satisfaction.

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True for any part of the world, a prerequisite for effective business is cultural understanding and regional knowledge. Our international team has strong roots in the region, we understand the customs and traditions, the mindset of the workforce and we speak the local languages. Our production facility is based in Jepara, Central Java - renowned for its rich heritage in hand carved wooden sculptures. These traditions can involve entire villages contributing to the production of a single carving that may take multiple months to complete. We are proud to collaborate with and ensure the preservation of these traditions.

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Sustainability and being part of the solution are important to us. We always strive to develop, design and grow ethically, from the way the natural and synthetic materials we work with are sourced and harvested to how they are implemented throughout our projects. We are proud to collaborate with Indonesia’s regulatory bodies to ensure that all our timber is sourced legally and is fully compliant with V-legal and SVLK requirements.

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We carefully curate your choices to lead you down the best and most beautiful design paths. We want to create alongside you and our expert knowledge can help you make the most of all the choices available. Finding the right solutions for you is often reward in itself.




By far the most valuable resource we work with is people. Every project begins and ends, however, we enjoy ongoing and lasting relationships with our clients. Our team has been meticulously assembled and brought together with shared passion and a united vision to deliver the best.

Jankhaled Mahallati Managing Director

Jankhaled Mahallati
Managing Director

Michelle Marcella Interior Designer

Michelle Marcella
Interior Designer

Denna Wisnu Vanneque Marketing

Denna Wisnu Vanneque

Mario Yohakim Prayanto Project Coordinator

Mario Yohakim Prayanto
Project Coordinator

Gideon T. Tabeel Interior Designer

Gideon T. Tabeel
Interior Designer

Aldi Fajar Budiman Putra Graphic Designer

Aldi Fajar Budiman Putra
Graphic Designer