Channel Island

Kuta, Bali - Indonesia


The store, designed by Steve Gorrow, offers the full Channel islands range of boards along with all the latest accessories coupled with some of the world’s best apparel and wetsuit brands, it occupies a total surface of about 250 square metres and includes a fully operational shaping bay.

The new store showcases the Channel Hand’s brand heritage throughout so customers get a feel for the brands long standing involvement in high performance surfing along with Al Merrick’s superior craftsmanship. The store boasts two entries; the sunset highway entrance is vast and open so that customers can park their car and pick up their new board with ease, whilst the second Seminyak entry is small and boutique in nature. 


The store utilizes custom built racking systems that were developed specifically for this store, reclaimed timber inside and out set the tone of the store, along with complementary fittings and fixtures, like cooper lighting and imagery the world’s best surfers like Dane Reynolds and Kelly Slater. Breeze through Bali customs drama free, order your quiver of boards from anywhere in the world and simply pick them up when you arrive. Loads of movieson day rotation, cold beers and drinks, a place where customers can hang out and watch the world go by.