The Sanchaya Bintan Island

Bintan Island - Indonesia


Resting atop the pure sands of Lagoi Bay, The Sanchaya Bintan, is a tapestry of culture and tradition, with its mosaic of collected pieces and artefacts woven together from no less than 7 different countries, into a visually arresting, timeless whole, from Indonesian heritage to Vietnamese antiques and luminous Thai silks.


While it is a collection of the finest sort, each area within the Sanchaya offers its own haven, a hand-selected sanctuary for the senses and is complete with outdoor and indoor treatment rooms that comprise the Sanchaya Spa as well as a yoga pavilion to stretch now limber muscles before the stunning backdrops.


The Sanchaya experience begins at the airport terminal, where guests are treated to their own VIP lounge that ensures them a cohesively splendid experience from start to finish. Polish this off with all day dining, the deeply steeped in history designed settings and the beautiful homage to European salons prevalent throughout the 18th and 19th centuries that is at the heart of the Sanchaya and you have the exquisite experience that founder Natalya Pavchinskaya intended to impart – a rejuvenated appreciation for the artistry and majesty of the region as a whole.