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The Sanchaya Bintan Island  Click to view more

The Sanchaya Bintan Island
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Thinking Through
Our Clients

We know that excellence is not only in the grand first impression of a completed design but is also delivered through the details.

That’s why we embrace answering challenging questions presented from our clients. We create livable spaces that speak to our clients’ needs through a carefully cultivated and collaborative visual language. We craft experiences. We understand that great design doesn’t just form a space, it transforms it.

The Sanchaya Bintan Island  Click to view more.

The Sanchaya Bintan Island
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detailed designs

The quintessence of functional design has to be both useable and beautiful. To us this means aesthetics, physics and ergonomics uniting to create signature pieces.


QUALITY materials

Our local and regional knowledge has put us in touch with the most reputable suppliers of legal timber, the most rare selections of natural stone and the finest collections of woven fabric and leather. Our reputation is built on sourcing and working with only the highest grade of both natural and synthetic materials.


perfect finishing

Our expertise is evident to the touch, ingraining finesse and care into every exquisite detail and lending polish to every surface. True quality endures over the years and we take pride in making that our defining trademark.


Interior Design

Explore Your Ideas

We offer a range of interior design services, from early conceptualization through to final technical drawings ready for production. Open a dialogue with our designers to find the right solution for you. Our team are here to lend their knowledge and guidance. Use our 3D services to create living visualizations of your dream project to allow you to test and explore your ideas before placing your order.


Professional and Personal

We host world-class manufacturing services and enjoy collaborative relationships with the most talented production houses in the region, pooling together generations of expertise and craft. No project is too small or too large. We really enjoy engaging in the unique and creative challenges that each job allows us. Through both a professional and personal approach we have carved our reputation on innovation, reliability and continual client satisfaction.


Make The Right Choices

We believe the process of creation is built on a foundation of mutual trust and an open conversation about your needs. We structure communication accordingly and strive to take the time to really understand our clients, as people with their own aesthetic tastes. That’s where our expertise in all aspects of furniture design can help you make the right choices before committing to a project.

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Resting atop the pure sands of Lagoi Bay, The Sanchaya Bintan, is a tapestry of culture and tradition.

It has mosaic of collected pieces and artefacts woven together from no less than 7 different countries, into a visually arresting, timeless whole, from Indonesian heritage to Vietnamese antiques and luminous Thai silks. While it is a collection of the finest sort, each area within the Sanchaya offers its own haven, a hand-selected sanctuary for the senses and is complete with outdoor and indoor treatment rooms that comprise the Sanchaya Spa as well as a yoga pavilion to stretch now limber muscles before the stunning backdrops.